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Enterprise fraud prevention, risk assessment, and compliance

Omnichannel and multi use cases

FraudAverse supports all payment channels and instruments, as well as all business use cases around financial crime prevention.

The key to true enterprise level fraud prevention is that channels and use cases share profiles, risk scores, and defined risk data. Your fraud team gets a 360° vision both on your customer behaviour as well as a 360° vision on risk exposure and criminal behaviour.

Business Use Cases

Payment Fraud Prevention

Financial Compliance

Internal Fraud Detection

Onboarding Fraud Discovery

Customer Risk Rating

Payment Fraud Prevention

Stay ahead of fraud with Advanced AI

Payment fraud prevention combines AI and decision rules to identify unusual patterns, behaviours, and anomalies that indicate potentially fraudulent transactions. This includes the use of analytics, machine learning, and feature extraction to analyse vast amounts of transaction data in real-time.

Real-time behavioural scoring

We are unique in our approach to analyse transaction history in real-time and observe developing fraud patterns of behaviour in recent data.

Millisecond response times

For decades, we have had experience in building payment fraud detection systems that respond within milliseconds to transactions on extreme scale. Our solutions fit the demanding requirements of any size transactional portfolio.

Financial Compliance

Securely detect financial crime

FraudAverse monitors both financial and non-financial transactions to detect financial crime and money laundering activities. It combines this with reference and masterdata to identify sanction violations. This enables you to meet regulatory requirements and to create the necessary financial reporting. With FraudAverse’s unique model-based approach and expert teams, monitoring and reporting on money laundering and politically exposed people becomes accessible and manageable on a global scale.

Smarter sanction screening

Our solutions employ sophisticated AI to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of the screening process. This ensures a much more proactive and agile approach to compliance.

Risk-based scoring

Integrate watchlists efficiently and effectively in real-time transaction monitoring to allow risk-based scores for financial compliance in real-time and at-scale.

Internal Fraud Detection

Uncover hidden risks and prevent internal fraud

FraudAverse proactively detects internal threats within your organisation, helping you uncover hidden risks and prevent fraud from the inside out. Insider breaches, mules and other fraudulent schemes can be identified and monitored with our advanced AI technology. FraudAverse is designed to look within and enforce compliance to internal rules and regulations.

Insider threat detection

Pro-actively detect and report on fraudulent cases where employees, knowingly or perhaps even unconsciously, commit fraud to aid some benefit. FraudAverse employs strong control on identities in financial transactions and provides insight.

Uncover risks

Prevent internal fraud and protect your organization from financial losses with FraudAverse.

Onboarding Fraud Discovery

Seamless onboarding: verify customers with confidence

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) have become extremely important in proactive financial crimes fraud prevention. FraudAverse provides solutions to augment the customer onboarding with sophisticated feature extraction on financial data and provide a 360 degree view of the customer.

Customer lifecycle management

Build an augmented view on the customer’s profile by extracting behavioural features from the customer and observe historical information in real-time. Observe the customer throughout its lifecycle from onboarding to decision making.

Device and location agility

Tracking the device and location information during the onboarding process to identify inconsistencies or suspicious access points. Generating immediate alerts and notifications for suspicious activities or potential onboarding fraud.

Customer Risk Rating

Elevate risk assessment to a science

With FraudAverse, you can precisely rate customer risk and see your customers like never before. Our AI and model-based risk assessments allow a scientific and systematic approach to ensure you always stay steps ahead of the fraudster.

Continuous monitoring

Regularly updating customer risk ratings based on changes in the customer's profile, behaviour, or external factors that may impact their risk level. Classifying customers into risk categories (e.g., low risk, medium risk, high risk) based on the calculated risk rating.

Uncover data-driven decision making

Customer risk ratings are crucial for financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements and to make informed decisions about the level of risk you are willing to accept. FraudAverse’s solutions help to enable a data-driven decision making process around customer and financial risks.

State Of The Art

The technology behind FraudAverse: AI and machine learning

FraudAverse utilizes advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to provide comprehensive fraud prevention solutions. By constantly analyzing and adapting to evolving risks, our technology ensures the highest hit rates and lowest false positives.

AI Component

Our AI component is the backbone of FraudAverse, leveraging cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent financial crime in real-time. It continuously learns from patterns and anomalies to enhance its accuracy and effectiveness.

Machine Learning

The machine learning component of FraudAverse enables it to identify and adapt to new fraud patterns and techniques. It constantly evolves and improves its models to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Individualized Setup

FraudAverse can be applied to various use cases, including fraud detection and prevention in online payments, identity theft protection, and money laundering prevention.

Real-Time Monitoring

With FraudAverse's real-time monitoring capabilities, suspicious activities and transactions are detected instantly, allowing for immediate action and minimizing potential losses.


Find answers to common questions about implementing and using FraudAverse in various scenarios.

Who will configure FraudAverse for my application?

This is up to you. FraudAverse comes with a streamlined, web based UI that enables the most efficient configuration of all aspects of FraudAverse by your fraud experts with little training. At the same time, we are there to assist you anytime in this process, or to take over the entire configuration for you based on your requirements, needs, and spefications.

Will multiple busienss use cases and/or multiple payment channels/instruments be available within the same FraudAverse implementation?

Most of the time, yes. FraudAverse comprises all the functionality to manage this in an efficient way, and is supported by a user/role access model that enables proper separation of responsibilities and data/function access. You may, however, chose to have separate FraudAverse implementations if you have a need to.

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