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We are a Company of Fraud Fighters

We are an international team of experts using our fraud prevention and advanced AI field experience to create products and services that protect payments from financial crime with the highest hit rates and lowest false positives. Our implementations protect more than 100 billion annual payments globally from fraud and financial crime. We designed our products to deliver the scale and speed needed in today’s global financial system.

A strong partnership with IBM Safer Payments

As the global developer and established business partner to IBM Safer Payments,  FraudAverse and IRIS Analyitcs’ relationship with IBM runs deep. For example, we actively collaborate and manage IBM Safer Payments deployments for IBM customers and jointly go-to-market.As a business partner of IBM, we offer IBM Safer Payments-based financial crime prevention to our clients. IBM Safer Payments protects the largest payment processors and retail banks from fraud and regulatory risk.Through our relationship with IBM, we have developed FraudAverse as a fully cloud-native extension to IBM Safer Payments in order to allow financial institutions to run financial crimes detection in the cloud, with the latest cloud technology architecture built for secure and manageable hyper scale.

Driving Innovation

Creating advanced AI solutions for fraud prevention

In our company, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to develop products that achieve high hit rates and low false positives in fraud prevention. Our team of experts combines their industry knowledge with advanced algorithms to create innovative solutions that protect cashless payments from financial crime.

Expertise in Fraud Prevention Technology

We have a deep understanding of fraud prevention technology and its application in the financial industry. Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving risks and cost constraints faced by banks, switches, and fintechs worldwide.

High Hit Rates, Low False Positives

Our products deliver high hit rates and low false positives, ensuring that genuine transactions are not flagged as fraudulent and providing uncompromising security and efficiency.

Uncompromising Security and Efficiency in Fraud Prevention

We are committed to providing uncompromising security and efficiency in fraud prevention. Our AI-driven solutions are trusted by financial crime prevention specialists and their management teams.

United By A Common Vision

Our Leadership Team

Introducing the expert team behind our company

Constantin von Altrock
Managing Director

Responsible for general management and technology strategy, Constantin has been in the fraud fighting industry for more than 30 years.

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Operations Lead

Global infrastructure operations and development manager Wolfgang has several years of cloud experience with Microsoft Azure and all other modern cloud infrastructure platforms.

Marco Gomes
Global Sales Director

Worldwide sales leadership and fraud fighting expert, Marco has been in technical sales and sales leadership roles for more than 20 years specialising in the use of advanced analytics and AI.

We're hiring!

Explore opportunities at FraudAverse. Join us in our mission to revolutionise the fight against financial crime with technology. Visit our career page and discover how you can be part of our dynamic team.

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Operation Worldwide

Our Office Locations

Our subsidiaries and offices support FraudAverse operations around the globe.

Comox Valley, Canada

Located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, our office is close to nature in a vibrant small town community.

Yerevan, Armenia

Located in the Nor-Nork suburb of Yerevan. The location is surrounded by quite a few parks, and with that offers a great balance between work and life in such a densely populated capital as Yerevan.

Dublin, Dublin

Located in Sandyford, a suburb of Dublin. Sandyford Business District makes up much of the suburb and encompasses Sandyford Industrial Estate. It is the location for a number of multinational financial services and technology companies.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s sixth largest city and a local hub for payment switches and fintech startups.

Koblenz, Germany

Located in the university city of Koblenz, Germany, our headquarters is located in a former monastery on the shore of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. We have open office spacing as well as smaller spaces for meetings and quiet working available.

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